Title: Allegory of Prudence; Creator: Luca Giordano; Date Created: c. 1682; Physical Dimensions: w92.9 x h92.9 cm (without frame) Type: Painting; Medium: Oil on canvas; Credit Line: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, museum purchase funded by the Agnes Cullen Arnold Endowment Fund; Recommended. Traité de la constance; Jean de La Fontaine (Château-Thierry 1621-Paris 1695) Amour, amour, quand tu nous tiens, Allegory of Prudence. Prudence statue by Michel Colombe inside the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul Nantes France From the tomb of Francis II, last Duke of Brittany.The two faces of Prudence. c) Engager, inviter, rappeler qqn à la prudence, à plus de prudence; recommander à qqn la (plus grande) prudence; être tenu à la prudence; faire qqc. It is in the National Gallery, London. pour plus de prudence, par mesure de prudence.

Other articles where An Allegory of Prudence is discussed: Titian: Portraits: …the Triple Portrait Mask, or An Allegory of Prudence, in which Titian, gray-bearded and wearing a rose-coloured cap, represents old age, his son Orazio represents maturity, and presumably Marco Vecellio stands for youth. The authorship is attributed to the Italian painter Titian. Allegory of Prudence; Artist: Titian: Year: 1565–1570: Medium: Oil on canvas: Dimensions: 76.2 cm × 68.6 cm (30.0 in × 27.0 in) Location: National Gallery, London: The Allegory of Prudence (c. 1565–1570) is an oil painting attributed to the Italian artist Titian and his assistants. It is in the National Gallery, London. The three faces in the painting represent the passing of human generations, with the young facing the light while the oldest fade into shadow; the faint inscription above their heads may be translated as "From the past, the present acts prudently, lest it spoils future action".
The Fall of the Rebel Angels From related movement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ‘Allegory of Prudence’ was created in 1685 by Luca Giordano in Baroque style. b) La prudence, la simple, la plus élémentaire prudence commande, conseille, demande, exige, veut qqc.

Allegory of Prudence by Titian. “Allegory of prudence” was written in oil in 1565-1570. The painting portrays three human heads, each facing in a different direction, above three animal heads (from left to right, a wolf, a lion and a dog). Find more prominent pieces of allegorical painting at Wikiart.org – best visual art database.

Citations avec prudence. To Titian, prudence was preparation, foresight and judgement from experience and human history. At work, there are three heads of animals looking in different directions, under three human heads.

The Allegory of Prudence (c. 1550–1565) is an oil-on-canvas painting attributed to the Italian artist Titian and his assistants.
No alt tex … St. Michael By same artist. Guillaume Du Vair (Paris 1556-Tonneins 1621) Il n'y a rien si sujet à être trompé que la prudence humaine : ce qu'elle espère lui manque, ce qu'elle craint s'écoule, ce qu'elle n'attend point lui arrive.