Description: The smooth earth snake is a small -- 7-10 inches (18-25.4 cm) –- somewhat heavy-bodied, brown to gray snake with smooth scales and a pointed snout. More Contact Information | Login The eastern worm snake is a small, shiny brownish black snake that resembles an earthworm. Genus: Carphophis Species: Carphophis amoenus Adult Length: 20-30 centimeters (0.6-1 ft.) Category: Small Garden Snakes. These small snakes rarely bite. Species: amoenus is Latin for "pleasing" or "charming" referring to … The Eastern worm snake is named for its worm-like appearance. Its appearance is very similar to an earthworm. If handled they try to "burrow" between the fingers and may use their head or their tail. Eastern Worm Snake (Carphophis amoenus amoenus) - Pl.14 Identification: 7 1/2" - 14 3/4". The tail is short and it tapers to a sharp tip. Of course the soil conditions have to be suitable for a snake to borrow. Background and Range: The eastern wormsnake is so named because it resembles an earthworm. Common Name: Eastern Wormsnake: Scientific Name: Carphophis amoenus amoenus. Ground color is a dull brown. The tail of the snake is short and tapers to a sharp tip. The eastern worm snake is one of the only species of snake in Montgomery County that can borrow into the ground. "Eastern Worm Snake" Quick video of a couple Eastern Worm Snakes (Carphophis amoenus amoenus) just flipped under artificial cover in coastal N.C. on 3/25/16. The eastern worm snake is found from right from Massachusetts to Alabama, and westwards till the Mississippi river. Named for the way they writhe and leap off the ground like snakes on a hot plate, crazy snake worms are an invasive species on the move through the eastern half of the country. Etymology: Genus: Carphophis is derived from the Greek words karphos which means "straw" or "chaff" and ophios which means "snake". The Eastern Worm Snake looks very much like a large earthworm. On the other hand, the western worm snake ranges from Nebraska southwards to Texas, and eastwards till the Mississippi river. Feeding/Diet

Questions: 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543) Email Us. The Savannah River Ecology Laboratory reports that Georgia's worm snake has a brown body with a white or pink belly.

It is found statewide, except for the Mississippi Lowlands. Most individuals have small black spots scattered on the back and sides. Eastern worm snake is a small, brown, non-venomous snake. Eastern Worm Snake. Both species of worm snakes show similar habits. The upper side of the body and head do not have a pattern and are a brown color while the underside is also without pattern and pink, with pink color extending onto the sides of the body. This small, burrowing snake is a southern species, just entering southern New England and adjacent sections of New York. Also, the belly of this snake is bright pink to reddish-pink. Eastern Wormsnake Carphophis a. amoenus. AnimalSake will help you identify it and provide information about its habitat, feeding habits, and other life cycle facts. The eastern wormsnake's primary prey are earthworms. The color above is brown and the undersides are pink.

By moving the head and tip of their tail back and forth they are able to move leaf litter, tree bark, small pebble stones, sandy dirt and loose dirt out of the way. The Eastern Wormsnake occurs in the Great Valley and Unaka Mountains of east Tennessee, while the Midwestern Wormsnake occurs across the rest of the state. Description: A small, shiny, smooth-scaled snake (7.5 to 11.0 inches in length) with a sharp contrast between brown back and pink belly; often having an iridescent sheen. The Eastern Worm Snake is a very small, glossy brown-to-black snake that resembles an earthworm. The western wormsnake is a small, two-toned snake that lives in wooded areas or rocky hillsides.

The sharp tail can prick skin, leading some to mistakenly believe the snake has a stinger. The dorsal scales count to 13 rows, and are smooth.

ODNR Division of Wildlife 2045 Morse Road, Building G Columbus, Ohio 43229-6693. It is usually purplish brown above and salmon pink on the belly and lower sides. It just wants to get back underground. It …

It has been found throughout Connecticut, except for the extreme northwestern corner. It has a much darker color than the eastern variety. Physical Characteristics: This type resembles a worm, considering its size.