Die Brennerei ist noch nicht lange nach dem berühmten amerikanischen Vogel benannt. Under the CDC’s guidance of canceling any gatherings of 10 people or larger, Wilderness Trail remains closed to all tours for enhanced safety to our employees, operations and visitors.

Wild Turkey got its name in the 1940s after a distillery executive brought a private supply of 101 proof bourbon along with him for a wild turkey hunting trip with friends. Die Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, ist ein außergewöhnliches Beispiel für eine Whiskybrennerei, die ihre eigene Vision davon hat, wie Bourbon sein sollte: charaktervoll, sehr aromatisch und eben auch voller Kraft. The Bourbon Tastings . Wild Turkey is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey distilled and bottled by the Wild Turkey Distilling Co, a division of Campari Group. Wilderness Trail Distillery continues to monitor and enact increased safety procedures in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 1940 brachte Thomas McCarthy, einer der Manager der Ripy Distillery, Whiskey der eigenen Firma zur Jagd auf Truthähne (engl. He honored his friends' good taste by turning their nickname into a legendary brand. Die Destillerie wurde 1919 wegen der Prohibition vorübergehend geschlossen; 1933 wurde sie schließlich wieder eröffnet und modernisiert. The Wild Turkey Distillery is part of the international mega-corporation Campari America that produces over 35 brands, labels and variations of North American whiskey including bourbon.Campari America is a division of the Italian spirit giant Gruppo Campari headquartered in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy. In 1971, Austin Nichols purchased the facility (then known as the Boulevard Distillery) and changed the name to the Wild Turkey Distillery. Your Wild Turkey tour travels around the expansive distillery grounds. For three decades after introducing Wild Turkey, Austin Nichols remained a non-distiller producer—bottling bourbon purchased on the open market under their Wild Turkey brand. It’s a big place, so you’ll see the scale and volume of whiskey made here throughout the tour. Much of this whiskey was purchased from the Ripys/Gould distillery in Tyrone. We look forward to reopening in the near future. Get an intro to bourbon-making and learn about the grains and other goodness that goes into every bottle. Wild Turkey) mit. They liked it so much that the next year they asked him to bring along some of that same "Wild Turkey" bourbon. Wild Turkey Distillery Tours.