The Basking shark is one of the most recognizable species of all sharks. Its large size and extented gill slits which nearly encircle the head and caudal fin together, helps distinguish it from all other species. After closing its mouth, the shark uses gill … This is a channel is based on plant food, veganism, meditation and health with other random videos thrown in here and there. I would like to say it … The prey includes plankton, baby fish, and fish eggs. This term is used until these young sharks mature and are able to fend for themselves. As the basking shark swims with its mouth open, masses of water filled with prey flow through its mouth. A baby basking shark is called a pup. It has a snout which is in the shape of a cone, and it has many large gill rakers made for filter feeding. Basking sharks are filter feeders that sieve small animals from the water.