VH1 dont play them on satelite TV and when you ask your friends about them all you get is blank stares! You dont hear them on radio or internet 80's stations, nor can they be found on 80's compilation albums. They were all hits SOMEWHERE in the world, so why did time forget these songs?

Here are ten songs from the ‘80s that you’ve probably forgotten about.

In this playlist of the best forgotten songs of the 80s, you’ll hear great artists like Lindsay Buckingham, Sheena Easton, the super group GTR (with Steve Howe and Steve Hackett), Yes, David Bowie, Aimee Mann (with her initial band ‘Til Tuesday). Here is some of my favourite songs from the 80's that seem to have fallen through the cracks! But some of the best songs of the era haven’t gotten the love they deserve, even though some of them were significant hits.