If not, place it back into the pressure cooker for a few more minutes. If you do, you will be steaming the cake (which is fine to do – here’s my method of steaming a cake) but here we are trying to create an oven-like environment using a pressure cooker as much as possible.The heat generated in the pressure cooker will be enough to cook/bake the cake. Remove cake from pressure cooker. I honestly think this is truly the way pound cake is meant to be made. If you try this recipe, please leave a comment to let me know. How to make a pound cake Pressure Cooker method. that you steam right in your pressure cooker.

After getting several recipes under my belt, I decided to venture into the realm of the sweet and make this Instant Pot Banana Cake..

Serve up a tasty and easy Instant Pot 2 Ingredient Lemon 7-up Cake. This vegan chocolate cake is so versatile and screams decadence. Step 4: Pressure Cook the Cake. Another important thing to remember is, do NOT add any water to the pressure cooker pan for baking a cake. Its moist, fluffy and soft. If it comes out clean, the cake is done. Making a cake without an oven in a pressure cooker is really a simple procedure and if you follow the steps closely, I guarantee a soft and spongy chocolate cake. 5. If you have Ninja Foodi you have the option of browning it up at the end. You have a 7-up cake (or a Sprite cake!) Say hello to this Best Vegan Chocolate cake in instant pot / pressure cooker / baking. Test cake by inserting a toothpick or fork into the cake. Here’s the thing. There are plenty of recipes out there for Instant Pot cakes, but this Instant Pot Banana Cake is quick and easy. I did not not do that however, you have that option. Although the Instant Pot has plenty of fancy features I considered to cook the cake (I won’t be surprised if upcoming models include an Instant Pot cake function), to keep the recipe as simple as possible and accommodate different brands of electric pressure cookers, I went the simple route and cooked it on high pressure (manual). You can easily double the recipe for a larger cake, just use an 8″ or 9″ cake pan if that’s the case and make sure your pressure cooker is large enough to hold it. No one will believe it’s eggfree and dairy free.

Since purchasing my Instant Pot, I’ve tried out plenty of savory recipes, meat that falls off the bone, soups, stews, beans and more. This method and recipe can be used in any pressure cooker just the same. A very easy recipe of a vegan cake made with ingredients found at your home.