Redirected aggression is one-way cats relieve excess stress, and it is possible that Monkey redirects aggression at her own tail in an effort to relieve the angst. Be mindful of your cat’s behavior and environment. We rushed him to the vet but wasn't given any real reason why. Cats don't get aggressive out of nowhere. My cat one day was hissing and growling and we had no clue, only a day later we noticed one of her nails had grown so long it was embedded in her paw pad!

Growling and hissing behaviors are certainly no exception.
My mom had brought a small, unfamiliar kitten into the house for a couple hours, and the cat is always uncomfortable around kittens, so I thought that may have had something to do with it. No one has the formula to tell when your kitty’s growling is annoyed posturing or if the next step is a trip to the ER with a bite wound or deep scratch. But the kitten has been gone for more than a day now! Aggression in cats is not uncommon, but it’s unusual for it to be serious enough for people to seek professional help.
They may stalk, chase and ambush a targeted intruder while displaying offensive body postures, including hissing, swatting and growling. There may be a pain issue, or a bad memory, but whatever the reason, very few cats attack without warning, though it may seem that way. This may prompt growling. … What stresses cats varies between individual animals. The source of pain, therefore, must be investigated. Final Thoughts. In this case, take him to the vet. Regardless of why your cat is growling, a cat that is fearful, painful, territorial or just plain aggressive is one that needs their space until they calm down. For some, it might be changing the drapes, while other cats can maintain their emotional health through almost anything.

But cats don't just apparently start growling for no reason, check and make sure that she is using the cat box and eating and drinking. My cat I've had for about a year has all of a sudden started hissing, growling, and screaming for no apparent reason. This could occur after the owner returns from vacation, for example, and the cat is angry that it has been left alone in the house, aside from someone checking in to feed it.

Cats mark their turf by patrolling, chin rubbing and urine spraying.

Cats, although usually cute and sweet, are also very mysterious and confusing creatures.

If you're a cat companion, you've likely become quite familiar with the extensive vocabulary of your feline friend.