The Iora is a small passerine bird. Common Iora’s nest is usually situated in a fork, at the end of a branch, in small tree. This 25 cm bird is in its breeding plumage.

Female lays 2 to 4 greenish-white eggs, blotched and spotted with reddish-brown. The common iora is across the tropical Indian subcontinent. The humble Common Iora (Aegithina tiphia) is common in our parks and gardens and can be even seen along tree lined roads in our heartlands.

Nesting of the Common Iora: 2. It is easily detected due to its loud whistles and the bright colours.

by BESG | posted in: Nesting | 0 “I recently posted a pair of Common Ioras (Aegithina tiphia horizoptera) collecting spider web for their nest LINK. A male Common Iora in its newly built nest, clicked from my front balcony. The flight feathers are blackish with an obvious white wing bar. They are nesting in our immediate home environment and hence observations have become easy and frequent. by BESG | posted in: Nesting | 2 “A pair of Common Ioras (Aegithina tiphia) was encountered busy collecting spider silk in mid February 2011. It breeds across tropical South Asia and is very often seen near my home. Nest building by the Common Iora. Nest is a loose, deep cup, made with grass and plant fibres woven together, and consolidated with silk of spider webs on the external side.

Bluish-grey bill is pointed, notched with straight culmen.

But this charming native songbird has a range of delightful calls and striking plumage to make it a favorite among bird watchers. Any other information is available about the nesting behaviour of this species. It seemed that the sticky spider silk is an essential natural adhesive that this species liked to use for their nest building. In breeding season it shows dark green to black upperparts. Incubation.

Its loud lingering whistle is the first indication of its presence. How does the bird appear… It is sexually dimorphic bird. Common Iora. Male. Male- It has black crown and bright yellow face.

The breeding male has black or greenish upperparts, and bright yellow underparts.