Meet the 7 unsurprisingly most dangerous animals in North America, learn as much about them, and avoid or survive an actual encounter! Organisms of all kinds live in the woods, and they range from small bacteria and viruses to amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The ones that come to mind may be those who have sharp teeth or claws, such as bears, sharks, wild cats or others that you imagine may attack you. Congratulations, and welcome to the wild woods of Maine! The animals living in the woods occupy different spaces within their environments; some nest in trees, while others live in dens or make their homes beneath fallen trees. If you encounter an animal, appreciate from a distance that you're getting to see them in their natural environment.

Never approach wild animals or attempt to feed them. RELATED: How To Survive Animal Attacks. American Alligator I was in the woods daily - taking the cows out to pasture and back again with my collie dog Dicky. I grew up in the Northern Michigan deciduous forest.

The 3 Most Dangerous Animals in The Maine Woods. Drive out into the mountains, book a night at a hut, and just stop. Most wild animals are just as afraid of humans as you are of them, and they won't attack unless provoked. Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals Whether you’re in the woods or in the water, you may think of animals that you do not want to come into contact with. You’re really doing it -- you’ve taken time off from work, the kids are out of school, and you’ve gotten yourself as far away from the daily grind as you possibly can.

Keep your distance if you see an animal. How to Survive These 7 Most Dangerous Animals 1.