1. January 1, 1992 Share on facebook. Joseph and Renee Mills 9 Christian Marriage Principles by Mark Ballenger Share | Tweet | email. One of the ways to do that is to follow some proven marriage principles. 00:00:02.180 --> 00:00:03.220; Come on, come on, come on, receive the word tonight. Personal Commitment to the Marriage Covenant: This refers to the diagram with God at the focal point in marriage, with husband and wife drawing close to God and each other. These are found on pages 28-34. In order to claim a successful marriage, a couple must stay focused on their firm commitment to endure, or in other words keep the marriage covenant and to adhere at all cost to the foundational values and beliefs of which the marriage has been built upon from its beginning. How We Approach Marriage Help ... Our highest priority is to bring happiness back into your marriage. Living by Faith with Mike & DeeDee Freeman. 20 Marriage Principles for a happy marriage. ("It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock) 00:00:01.040 --> 00:00:04.050 - [Narrator] Join us for Marriage Made EZ, 00:00:12.200 --> 00:00:15.120; with our special guests, Drs. Foundational Processes. There are many principles that, if practiced, can help you build a solid marital foundation. Violations of God’s divine prescription for marriage include polygamy, adultery, and homosexuality. Share on pinterest. There are many principles that, if practiced, can help you build a solid marital foundation. In light of just celebrating my ninth year of marriage with Bethany, here is a list of nine Christian marriage principles we’ve learned together. Share on email. Share on print . Acts 20:35. Marriage Won’t Make You Happy, Your Happiness in Christ Makes Your Marriage . I wanted to bring back the foundational processes found in the book that help ensure a lasting, healthy marriage.

By Louis McBurney. Foundations of a Lifelong Marriage. The universal marriage principles we use, and the methods developed by our founder Paul Friedman, are significantly different from traditional approaches; not only in how you deal with your current issues, but more importantly, in the goals and expectations for success. This principle logically follows from the first two principles already stated: marriage is a divine institution given by God as a part of the creation order, and it is the union of a man and a woman to become one flesh. Share on twitter. After identifying the reasons that create problems in a marriage, the next step is to take some corrective actions to solve those problems and give the marriage a chance to be successful. Come on receive the word tonight.