It is the largest extant lizard native to North America north of the Mexican border. One of the pleasures of working with Gilas in captivity is their almost universal fondness for readily available foods, namely mice and rats. A neonate Gila monster eating a pinky rat. In fact, they will easily eat to the point of obesity. Reproduction The lizards mate in May-June and females lay a clutch of 2-12 eggs in July-August. The name "Gila" refers to the Gila River Basin in the U.S. states of New Mexico and Arizona, where Gila monsters were once plentiful. Gila Monster.

For example, Gambel’s quail nest in April and May, and the peak of desert cottontail nesting is also in April and May.

The Gila monster’s main activity period coincides with the availability of their main food source. Gila monster is the venomous species of lizard native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. Gila monsters have a strong sense of smell and will often dig to locate eggs. The typical Gila will eat whenever appropriate food is placed before it. The Gila monster is a heavy slow-moving venomous lizard. Gila monsters specialize in feeding on the young and eggs in vertebrate nests. Weight gain is also facilitated by a naturally low metabolic rate. It is a venomous lizard with the sluggish nature and it represents little threat to humans. This species appears closely related to the monitor lizard of Asia, Africa, and Australia.