When your brain runs about some issue over and over again and won't stop, just like a hamster running in its exercise wheel. The "Hamster" is less about Game or Pickup Artistry and more a concept of the school of thought that comprises The Red Pill.

(Fig. ... And I’m tired from running on the hamster wheel; it’s killing time and it’s killing me just waiting. on a car that is running but is not moving because its wheels are spinning in mud, etc.) NOW is the time for Doing. spin wheels phrase. Hamster wheel definition, a cylindrical framework, usually within a cage, that is rotated by a hamster or other small animal running inside of it.

If he bites at the bars of his cage all the time, take him out for some personal attention.

... See also: spin, wheel. The Co-Active approach I am advocating for you: I care deeply about my health and well-being, so I devote time to nurture my body. For example, if he hisses and squeaks constantly, give him something to do in his cage: a wheel for running on may divert him and improve his mood. What does spin wheels expression mean? To prevent your hamster from becoming frustrated and angry, just give him what he needs. to waste time; to remain in a neutral position, neither advancing nor falling back.

It keeps running, but doesn't get anywhere. The Hamster Wheel approach: If I exercise three times a week, I'm "good." spin one's wheels.

Unfortunately, living a life with more meaning and more fulfillment, doesn’t mean that you get to outsource all of the crappy stuff. I Want Off This Hamster Wheel. See more. The Hamster Wheel, really, is the mainstream media’s undoing, in real time, and they’re doing it to themselves.

Definition of spin wheels in the Idioms Dictionary. Or, if I go to see my mother-in-law twice a month, I'm "good."