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65mg each // 50:50. Snickerdoodle Cookie 100mg each // Seasonal 500mg Packs. Sign up with your email address to receive news, updates, and special offers. This plant is used as a flavoring agent in various beverages, soft drinks, tobacco and candy.

Edible Usage. sweetgrass Use Sweet Grass Kitchen cannabutter strictly according to the dosage guidelines for each recipe and carefully follow the directions on the recipe , in particular the requirement that the cannabutter be adequately homogenized when used in cooking your edibles. Sweet Grass Kitchen encourages you to use all marijuana products responsibly.

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The leaves of this plant are brewed for making tea.

Double Chocolate 100mg activated THC. It is usually braided, dried, and burned.

Chocolate Chip Cookie – now with CBD!

Medicinal Uses.

Sweetgrass (adapted from Foster & Duke 1990) Many Native tribes in North America use sweetgrass in prayer, smudging or purifying ceremonies and consider it a sacred plant. We respect your privacy. Where to find Sweet Grass Kitchen: Product selection varies store to store.

Research shows that 30 million years ago our ancestors had a diet of up to 60% grasses and sedges.

Organic grass only!

Check out the Swag tab for our online store. We highly encourage you to call ahead to guarantee availability of the product you are searching for. Sign Up. Sweetgrass braids smolder and doesn't produce an open flame when burned. PB&J Cup 75mg activated THC.

It is also used in flavoring vodka.

Where can I score some awesome Sweet Grass Kitchen swag? Sweetgrass, a 2009 documentary Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Sweet grass . White Chocolate Chip Butter Pecan Cookie 100mg each // Seasonal 500mg Packs. Otherwise, keep an eye out for Sweet Grass at your favorite dispensary's pop-up events. The plant has the following medicinal properties: Tea made of Sweet grass leaves were used to bring relief from sore throats and coughs.

Brownie 100mg activated THC. Picture 2 – Sweet Grass Picture.

Sign up for exclusive offers on your favorite products. Uses for Sweetgrass in Medicine & Ceremony. Peanut Butter with Chocolate Bits 100mg each // Seasonal 500mg … Sweet Grass Kitchen was founded in 2009 and also provides consulting services for other marijuana edible bakeries.

Up to 6 inches long is edible, over 6 inches long spit out the pulp after chewing. If it is your first time trying edibles, or even if it's been a while, start with a single serving of 10mg or less.