We use reputable sources but cannot and do not verify each rate we have fetched. Seal serves as a promise that you are receiving authentic currency and is backed by the protection of Banknote World’s T.A.P. Currency in Malta: Euro. Before the Euro was introduced in Malta, the currency in circulation was the Maltese Lira (Lm).

Malta is an island nation that consists of three islands: main island Malta, Gozo and Comino.The country’s official languages are Maltese and English.
In 2008, the Euro became the currency in Malta.

Vietnam 200,000 Dong, 2011, P … Promise. Malta (/ ˈ m ɒ l t ə /, / ˈ m ɔː l t ə / (); Maltese: ), officially known as the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta) and formerly Melita, is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. In 2008, the Euro became the currency in Malta. From 1972 up until 31st December, 2007, Malta had its own currency – the Maltese lira. The only currency used in the Maltese islands is the Euro, which was adopted on 1 January 2008 after the country joined the European Union on 1 May 2004. Disclaimer: conversions are for illustration purposes only. What is the unit of money in Malta? Malta Currency Converter Exchange rate to other major currencies.

Malta’s capital city is Valletta, which is centrally located on the island’s North coast and has the island’s largest harbour.The main island of Malta is the largest and most developed island. Malta’s Euro coins.

With each Euro zone country having different designs for its coins, the Maltese Euro coins come with three distinctive ones of … The T.A.P. It lies 80 km (50 mi) south of Italy, 284 km (176 mi) east of Tunisia, and 333 km (207 mi) north of Libya.