If you liked Chronicle of the Dive Bomber you are looking for war type movies. If you like eye-popping CGI, star-studded casts, and characters that are just begging to be made into action figures, then check out this collection of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters Hollywood has to offer. Movies like The Purge, Chronicle, and The Box, Limitless (discussion) Discussion. If you could do anything you wanted for one day what would you do? Add to a new list. Chronicle is a brave movie. O (2001). Deadly Friend (1986). That's all I can think of for now. Movies Like Mutant Chronicles On this page we've found similar blockbuster movies which contain keywords such as mutant, marvel comic and superhuman. I loved all of these movies because they were centers around scenarios I would think of. I Am Number Four (2011). When searching for a related movie to Mutant Chronicles you could be trying to find another movie featuring Ron Perlman or Thomas Jane, or perhaps another action and adventure movie. Filmed like 'Chronicle' was, it's about a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people. Super 8 2011 Movie • 4.1/5. Project Almanac (2015) Similar Movies Related Stories.

It’s not afraid of taking the road less travelled. Similar Movies like Chronicle (2012) 52 movies.

Kyle XY (2006). 1.6K Like. There were a couple of moments when I genuinely admired the creators for trying something different that could have backfired. Only the very cheapest of these films, for starters. Save.

Most similar movies to Chronicle Project Almanac (2015). It’s about power and powerlessness. Related movies to watch are "Trial on the Road", "Chapaev" and "The Turning Point". Crime + Punishment in Suburbia (2000). 'Movies Like Oblivion': Whopping Budget Sci-Fi. 89 Dislike. Chronicle was an excellent movie. 208 Meh. Ever wondered what $160 million could buy you? Lastly, and surprisingly, this movie is not about good and evil. Chronicle is the kind of movie that makes one excited about the future prospects of the man at the helm. Bang Bang You're Dead (2002). Would you kill someone you don’t know for $1 million? Chronicle (2012) Related Stories. If you could kill someone knowing you wouldn’t get in trouble for it would you? 1.6K • 4.1/5.

Hand-picked similar movies: Akira (1988), Afflicted (2013), Project Almanac (2015), John Dies at the End (2013), Project X (2012), Primer (2004) The Darkest Minds (2018) Similar Movies Related Stories. Jumper (2008). Filmmaker Josh Trank’s impressive debut film “Chronicle” hits theaters this weekend, and while its story of three teenagers who gain superhuman powers might seem like comic book fare, you won’t find its inspiration on the shelves of your local comics shop (not directly, at least). See our list of 44 similar movies. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015). Chronicle is like a geeky kid's wet dream. Carrie (2013). Midnight Special (2016) Similar Movies Related Stories. It never did. similar movies to Chronicle, like Super 8... 1.6K.