Upgrade your submarine and hunt for treasure! Treasure Seas Inc, a free online Action game brought to you by Armor Games.

Be a part of this incredible hacked world. Use to play.

You work with a team of individuals who you now call friends. 12 Boxhead the Nightmare. 6 Boxhead The Zombie Wars. You love your work as a researcher on a small submarine. You can choose from three different boats, a submarine and two different environments.

2 Thing Thing Arena 3.

8 Thing Thing Arena Classic. Drive a little flappy submarine at a perilous profundities staying away from water mines and torpedoes and gather the same number of coins as you can! Submarine game online free for kids (girls/ boys) to play with no download: Submarine simulation game/ underwater adventure teaching children the importance of oxygen, promoting awareness, creative thinking & real-life problem solving. Free Strategy Games from AddictingGames 4 Monster Master. Fantastic Treasures of the Pacific Ocean is a quirky, skill-based submarine navigation game online where you must explore the ocean floor to discover discarded and lost treasure items over the centuries. Just go out to the docks and feel free to practice some cool stunts driving through ramps and dodging obstacles floating on the water. You can choose from three different boats, a submarine and two different environments. Game Information.

11 Thing Thing Arena 2. You can make Play Deep Sea Hunter the best online unblocked game.

Arrow keys: Move.

15 3 in One Checkers. Treasure Seas Inc Controls | fullscreen. Run, jump, shoot on target, kill enemy, hit someone, drive car, solve a puzzle, defense tower and many other things you can do it at ug10.club. 13 Madness Combat Defense. Each the perimeters declare the frequent territory within the sea area and that’s the reason for the conflict. Careful, though, Sharks eat Submarines and it's like Jaws 9 down there! Educational games, virtual worlds for tweens online. Make big scores exploding the fastest and the deepest. Avoid their missiles to not get sunk!

A simple Flash game about sinking the submarines with depth charges. Flappy Submarine is a madly addictive arcade game with a most straightforward one-contact control. Calling aboard all underwater treasure hunt enthusiasts! 3D Boat Driving & Racing FreezeNova Simulator Jul Games 10 Jan , 2019 4 Boat Simulator is a realistic 3D boat driving simulator. Control the submarine depth, camera and different features of the boat with your mouse. 7 Thing Thing 4. Inspired by the 1988 classic “Red Storm Rising”, command a nuclear submarine in a desperate attempt to prevent “mutually assured destruction” when the Cold War gets hot and WWIII begins.

The conflict between the 2 international locations has turn into fierce. – Use to play. Boat Simulator is a great free online 3D navy game to enjoy the water splashing on a cool motor boat driving at really high speed. Your dream has come true now that you are mapping out the most unexplored places on earth, deep-sea caves.

Treasure Seas Inc: Use your Submarine to Plunder all the Treasures of the Carribean! Enjoy in every game. Alpha version - To restart the game, you have to refresh the page. The opposing nation has determined to launch assaults by sending quite a few submarines …

Space: Drop/Attach submarine. Top Rated Games. From chests of gold, glittering trophies to awesome artifacts, the sea bed is filled with precious horde for you to find and collect.