Suri Cruise has been spotted leaving her New York apartment with bags in tow, and insiders tell New Idea that the 12-year-old is finally reuniting with her father Tom after 2171 days!Things have been a little unstable at home, with her mother Katie Holmes’ rumoured split from beau Jamie Foxx.

Because her dad Tom Cruise is just one of those actors inside the movie market, she landed at the spotlight.

on Set of Katie Holmes' After Camelot Shoot What’s true for Suri Cruise that is lovable. Suri Cruise (born April 18, 2006) is an American Student, Famous Personality, and Celebrity Kid from Santa Monica, California. The inside article, however, clarifies that Holmes sat down Suri on her 13th birthday and told her that Cruise “will never be a real father to her,” in the conventional sense of the word. I think she was pregnant when she met Tom. Fame will come …

Suri shared her childhood along with her two elder siblings, Connor And Isabella Cruise, who was adopted by biological father, Tom, and step-mother, Nicole Kidman.

It has been previously reported that the Mission: Impossible 6 actor’s controversial church gave him no choice but to be absent from his daughter’s life. I believe that JJ is the father of Suri.
The whole world has seen Suri Cruise grow up without a father, and it is not because of Tom Cruise’s hectic schedule. Because after that things were never the same between Katie and Josh.

A US publication has today sensationally claimed that Katie Holmes has revealed to her 13-year-old daughter Suri Cruise that superstar Tom Cruise is not her ‘real father’. She is best known as the daughter of Katie Holmes. Suri was born before her parents got married. Suri Cruise was born on 18th April 2006, in Santa Monica, California. Now, reports have surfaced that allege that he doesn't believe Suri is biologically his. Katie has visited Josh before she was with Tom. Something happened in London. Tom Cruise hadn't seen his daughter Suri in five years. It isn’t just a huge of the bargain whenever your mother and father ‘ are among those celebrities while inside the Hollywood, becoming famous. She is an American actress, producer, and director who gained fame with her television series “Dawson’s Creek”.

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The report comes after claims Tom's ex-wife Nicole was recently banned from a family ceremony - WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

I think katie lied about Suri's real birthdate for Tom's sake. Then 2 weeks later Katie meets Tom Cruise.
The daughter of Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise Source: Pinterest.