Wretched is a 501c3 non-profit organization that uses television, radio, and various other forms of media to create culturally-compelling and theologically-sound content with three goals in mind: • Preach the Gospel. A full-throttle horror film that’s also a dark, contemporary fairy tale, THE WRETCHED is a dead serious new spin on witchcraft cinema, with a fresh set of rules, likeable and developed teen characters, a ton of surprising scares and a cauldron of imaginatively gruesome special make-up effects. The Wretched. About a decade ago, Todd called Ray Comfort.

• Strengthen the local church. ‘The Wretched’: Film Review Reviewed at Fantasia, July 19, 2019. As THE FANTASIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL reaches the midway point, there’s still a number of hotly anticipated titles just around the corner. We didn’t know what to expect from this movie except for witches. When it comes to genre film festivals, Fantasia is the biggest in North America and ranks right up there with all of the top festivals in the world. Running time: 95 MIN. Zarah Mahler, who plays Abbie and the witch later on, really takes on the role with gusto once the witch offs Abbie in order to better move around the town. And it’s a damn good one. After all, The Wretched is a horror movie in the witch subgenre. Robert’s Fantasia 2019 Review: The Wretched (2019) ... the Fantasia International Film Festival. The Wretched is a new horror movie premiering at Fantasia 2019. • Equip the saints to preach & defend the Gospel. Courtesy of Fantasia Film Festival THE WRETCHED really shines when we see the witch come back into the story and pick off a family one by one. Production: A Little Runway production. The effects in this movie were much better than I would expect.