Torin's Passage is a game for children, but like all really good games, books, and movies with similar target audience it also has that knowing wink towards older audience, and the best thing about this game is that it “winks” a lot. Xing: The Land Byond . Posted by 11 months ago. Close. ... with a few of the game's puzzles due to the "scroll icon"; in other words, there were things I wasn't able to see from Torin's vantage point that could be seen by scrolling down, and was forced to use the hint feature a few times(I finished with 962 out of 999 points).

Walkthrough. Torin's Passage. At the bottom of the screen, there is a "scroll handle". 14.

Walkthrough for Torin's Passage IN THE LANDS ABOVE After the beginning video sequence, you start off on a road.

On the left side of the screen is Torin's home. ... I’m trying to play Simon the sorcerer without a walkthrough. For Torin's Passage on the PC, Walkthrough by PKPHH14. Torin's Passage - Walkthrough - PC - By PKPHH14 - GameFAQs. Also it there anyway to unknowingly lock yourself out of continuing and how to avoid that. Torin's Passage trainer and cheats for PC.

Torins Passage. What Makes You Tic. Torin's Passage is a graphic adventure game developed and released by Sierra On-Line, designed by Al Lowe.The game holds the distinction of being a family friendly game by Lowe, designer of the adult-oriented Leisure Suit Larry series of games.

Yup. Behind Torin, there are a bunch of berries. Make sure it is on the far left of the screen. We are now half-way through Asthenia. Unforseen Incidents. Premium members may REQUEST new trainers and cheats using our request system as long as the game has not been permanently retired or multiplayer only in nature. Tormentum: Dark Sorrow. Tomb Raider 2013. And there you have it.



His design document can be … We currently don't have any Torin's Passage trainers, cheats or editors for PC. Torin's Passage is a family game by Leisure Suit Larry designer, Al Lowe. Download Torin's Passage .

I was wondering how difficult the game is. Torin's too light, you need at an extra cannonball in the catapult with you. Game Title: Torin’s Passage Release Date: xx-xx-1995 Release Number: 1 Series: CD-Rom Era Designer: Al Lowe Description: Torin is a young boy who lives in a little country house with his parents and with his dog-like friend Boogle.One day he returns home, only to find out his parents were imprisoned in a magical spell. Thanks.

You can see more information about the game on the Torin's Passage page on Al Lowe's site. We'll be able to finish next … Release: October 31, 1995 Summary:OS: MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.1 or greater CPU: 486/25 or better, Pentium 60 recommended Memory: 8 MB, 16 MB recommended Drives: 2x CD-ROM, 4x recommended 2 MB Hard drive space Video: SVGA 256 colors Audio: Sound card w/ DAC Input: MousePurchase: The next 4 games would have been 2) Torin's marriage and assumption of the throne 3) "the rebels strike back" in which Torin's leadership would be challenged 4) the "coming of age", a story about his sons and their fight to be next in line for the throne and 5) the "passing of the torch" in which Al planned to include Torin's death. Head towards there. 17. If you put in too many, you'll also undershoot your mark: So get rid of any unneeded cannonballs.

מסעותיו של טורין (באנגלית: Torin's Passage) הוא משחק הרפתקה ממוחשב שפותח והופץ על ידי החברה סיירה.המשחק הוא משחק הפנטזיה השני שפותח על ידי אל לואו, המבוסס על סדרת פרידיין (מאת לויד אלכסנדר) ומזכיר רבות את סדרת "King's Quest".

Grab some berries. Torins Passage.