The French plans to counter a German invasion were to: 1. So Hitler invaded Belgium in order to outflank the French defences and allow a swift invasion of France. How did the Dutch population respond? To avoid facing the Maginot Line. Even when German troops invaded France and Belgium as part of the Schlieffen Plan, Britain did not have to go to war. (In January 1923, France and Belgium invaded the Ruhr, a vital industrial area of German bordering their own countries. Why Did Germany Invade Belgium? Why did Nazi Germany attack the Netherlands? Yes, Dutch did invade England in 1688. I think the question is not posed correctly or there is a lack of understanding of the broader situation - in both WWI and WWII.

Very Confidential. In the second world war the netherlands had nothing to do with the war. The actual invasion took place August 4, 1914. 2 August 1914. The Netherlands German troops landing in the Netherlands on 10 May 1940. 7. What happened in those five days? 2. However, the Germans knew that Britain had promised to defend Belgium under the Treaty of London of 1839. It was the start of five days of fighting that resulted in the occupation of the Netherlands. By H. Lamme – Nationaal Archief – CC BY-SA 3.0 nl After the German currency had collapsed, the French and Belgians stole the Ruhr's resources in lieu of unpaid World War I reparations.) Before the Germans declared war on France, they needed free passage across Belgium. Germany hoped Britain would stay out of the war altogether. The German government demanded this, and even sent a letter to the Belgian government for a right of free passage. On 10 May 1940, the German army invaded the Netherlands. Belgium's small Army could not defeat the invaders, but they did manage to slow them down. On the same day as the Belgian reply Germany declared war on France; the former invaded Belgium the next day, which resulted in Britain's entry into the war to defend Belgian neutrality. In both WWs, France’s Eastern border (with Germany) was heavily defended and protected (“Maginot line”). Delivered by the German Ambassador at Brussels von Below Saleske, to M. Davignon, Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs . They where neutral. However, France had not extended the Maginot line along the Belgian border, for fear of offending her neighbours. For two reasons: 1. On 1 September 1939, the German army invaded Poland. Germany to Belgium. To Lure out the French. The region is full of factories and coalmines. Move into Belgium and keep the Germans on the right side of the Meuse. 2.