* RAAF Base Woomera was established in 2015. West Woomera, where the Woomera detention centre was located up to its closure in 2003, was originally established as the non-military bachelors‟ quarters (M Hoenig, personal communication, 2009). The entrance of the Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre, taken in April 2003, following closure of the Centre. Not the Hilton, Immigration Detention Centres: Inspection Report, Canberra: Parliament of Australia, September 2000. * In 2010 Woomera was involved in the return of the Hayabusa Deep Space Probe.

Asylum seekers protesting against detention at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre on 22 April 2011. * In 2003 the Woomera Immigration Detention Centre for asylum seekers was closed. * In 2014 it became known as the RAAF Woomera Range Complex. List of Australian immigration detention facilities.

^ TOP Visitor Information. Language; Watch; Edit; A sign at the entrance of the former Baxter Detention Cent, taken in 2006. * The census of 2016 revealed that there were 146 people living in Woomera Village. Protests at new 'more humane' detention centre as boatload of asylum-seekers heads in David Fickling in Woomera Sat 26 Apr 2003 20.34 EDT First published on Sat 26 Apr 2003 20.34 EDT

The establishment of the Detention Centres for asylum seekers did provide some population support but these have now been closed. The Woomera detention centre was the site of more protests and violence than any other centre.

Riots, fires, hunger strikes, attempted suicides, self-harm and breakouts occurred. This military scientific history made Woomera the immigration detention centre with the best Inmates protested about the extended length of time the authorities took to process them, living conditions, the imprisoning of women and children, and the isolation of the centre.

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