Check Price. Female axanthic 100% albino (het snow) 2019. I'm not after a 'cheap or free' snake, I have cash waiting! They mimic milk snakes or coral snakes with their red, black, and white ringed patterns Hognose Snake Care Caring for your Western Hognose Snake (Heterodon nasicus). Scientific Name: Xenodon pulcher Country of Origin: Bolivia. All of our profiles contain valuable information provided by breeders of each species. The cheapest offer starts at £15.

Search. Tricolor hognose snake (Xenodon pulcher) is small and stout colubrid species. 1 - 24 of 33 ads. Check Price.

Warrington, Cheshire. Can collect... . Check it out! Lots of new ball pythons / other snakes for sale. Pets & Animals. Tricolor Hognose Snake Care Sheet. Xenodon matogrossensis (SCROCCHI & CRUZ, 1993) Xenodon merremii (WAGLER, 1824) Xenodon nattereri (STEINDACHNER, 1867) Xenodon neuwiedii GÜNTHER, 1863; Xenodon pulcher; Xenodon rabdocephalus (WIED-NEUWIED, 1824) Xenodon semicinctus (DUMÉRIL, BIBRON & DUMÉRIL, 1854) Xenodon severus (LINNAEUS, 1758) Xenodon werneri (EISELT, 1963) £165 . Paisley, Renfrewshire. Report. The first difference is their size; Tricolour Hognose snakes are somewhat smaller than their North … Sort by . Female hognose for sale. Explore 33 listings for Female hognose for sale at best prices.

Description: Many people confuse Tricolour Hognose Snakes (Xenodon pulcher) with their cousins, Western Hognose Snakes (Heterodon nasicus), which are common in the hobby. Available . Interested in adding a healthy female Tri-colour to my collection, any age considered. Female hognose for sale . 30+ days ago. Sexes: Specie: Origin: Age: Price: Extra: 1.1: Xenodon pulcher: CB: 1.0 2018 0.1 2019: € 400,- Couple: Male has a very nice abberant pattern. Classifieds. Snake Care guidelines displayed in an easy to navigate layout. NewsNow Classifieds. Login / Register. Wanted: Female Tri-colour Hognose (xenodon Pulcher) Derby, Derbyshire. The Western Hognose Snake (Heterodon nasicus) is a North American species Browse 73 Western Hognose morphs for sale in the United States by genes … Hognose for Sale. Potential Adult Size: 30-60cm (12-24 inches) Average Life Span: 7-8 years Click on the Salebutton to go to the Available species I have to offer. Xenodon merremi — FITZINGER 1826 Xenodon irregularis GÜNTHER 1863 Xenodon merremi — BOULENGER 1894 (2): 150 Trigonocephalus flavescens BACQUÉ 1906 Trigonocephalus alternatus binocularius BACQUÉ 1906 Ophis merremii — SERIÉ 1936 Xenodon merremii — PETERS & OREJAS-MIRANDA 1970 Waglerophis merremii — ROMANO & HOGE 1972: 209 Xenodon merremi — SCOTT & LOVETT 1975 Xenodon … 4 days ago. Though they superficially resemble each other in body shape, there are notable differences between the two species.