53 KB: PNG: 12. In Mido Town, visit the life-healing lady and magic-refilling lady if you wish. 5 KB : PNG: 5. As Link strolls through the town, he may notice a chapel with a door on the second floor. If you are close to a level up, train in the swamp area a little. North Palace. Ordinarily, Link cannot reach that door, but with the magic of the Jump spell, Link can reach the door with a little bit of a running jump. Parapa Palace. The swordsman in this town will teach you the Downward Thrust. At the beginning of the second part of town, a lady in a red dress will come out of her house thirsty. Go a little past her house and press the button to get some water at the fountain. Order Poster of Overworld. Palace 1 - Get Candle here. Then head west until you find a church. Talk to her again and go inside. Starting Area. Go down and you'll soon find a cave. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Walkthrough. This is where you start every time you get a game over. Your goal is to find a way to wake her. If you cross the bridge, you can get to Saria Town. 156 KB: PNG: 1. Zelda II The Adventure of Link Map Select Palace Maps Home | Palace Maps | Town Maps | Other Maps. There are two exits to the North Castle, both of which lead to the mainland. However, the northern bridge is really dangerous, so I recommend taking an alternate route to get there. ~ Town Of Nabooru ~ Talk to any elderly women or ladies when they come out of their houses to get any life and/or magic restored if needed. When you begin the game, you'll find yourself in the North Castle standing beneath an altar upon which Princess Zelda rests in a deep magical sleep. Level: Screen from Area: Image Size : Image Type : Overworld Map. Don't try to go through it, because you won't be able to. The first Magic Container is located at the end of a cave southeast of North Castle.No items are required, but the Candle makes it much easier.. Magic … Also, ignore the cave below the moat, it's all dark. Outside the castle, you can see the moat.

Midoro Palace.
Worst of all, you move about half as fast in swamp areas, making it even harder to reach the palace. Enter it and then take a right into another cave; after that, take another right and defeat all the enemies along the way and you'll soon find the cave's exit. The battle scenes in the swamp can be annoying. This page will be a walkthrough for Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It is okay if you don’t get to the palace with maximum health and such. Once Link passes through the door, he will find the soldier in the back room. Use the Jump spell to jump onto the roof of the church, then go into the door up there. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Walkthrough.